Sept 2008:

As my spare time is now reduced, I want to sale my Trifoiler female moulds. Check the available parts section if you are interrested. 

May 2007.
I have been in contact with a few personn that believe that a Trifoiler can be the perfect platform to be powered by a kite wing to very high speed.
I already sold my spare new main hull built by KL nautic and I will be involved the Dared Project as a structural engineer. ( see links)
An old Trifoiler has arrived in Britanny from Switzerlan and the new owner has a lot of work to do before going sailing.
A friend is sailing his Trifoiler in Copenhagen for 7000euros. ( Nice Paint job!) If you want more info, contact me and I will pass on his contacts details.
I have just created a new Forum to talk about the Trifoiler: