Liste des pièces disponibles / available parts

 5 Septembre 2008:

I have a complete set of female moulds for a Trifoiler for sale: main hull, floats, L foils, T foils, sensors, main composite beam.

These moulds have been built by KL Nautic when they tried to market the Trifoiler in France. The moulds are made of polyester with a couple of plywood frames, they are very heavy.

The moulds have been stored in my garage so they are dry and they are in great condition.

If you are interrested, please make an offer on:


Until I sale the female mould, this is the parts that I can build:

  • Poutre avant carbone/ Forward carbon beam.
  • Foil carbon/ carbon foils.
  • Castin carbone de safran/ Rear foil case.
  • Mat carbone/ carbon mast.
  • Wishbone carbone/ carbon wishbone.
  • Tube de compression profilé carbone/ streamlined compression tube.
  • Voile renforcées/ reinforced sails.
  • Siège baquet en carbone/ Custom seat.

Pièces d’occasion: 1 coque centrale, 2 flotteurs, 2foils L, 1 foil T, 2 palpeurs, 4 mât aluminium, 4 voiles.( Une coque centrale KL a été vendu pour un projet de vitesse)

Second hand parts: 1 main hull, 2 ama/floats, 2 L foils, 1 T foil, 2 sensors, 4 aluminium masts, 4 sails. ( One main hull KL has been sold for a speed project)